About Diedra

I only began seriously painting since March 2010. A few weeks later, my life changed forever. My mother was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer and I felt my world crumble under me. That rainy and dreary day in Houston, I began painting what was supposed to be the second in a “seasons” themed series.

“Spring” was the last thing on my mind. But, with every brush stroke, there were thoughts of my mother…the colors, birds, flowers, bright colors she loves, and also worry, prayers, beautiful memories, painful regrets, every word I ever spoke and wished I hadn’t, and all the ones I didn’t and wished I had. For the first time, I had painted something that came from deep inside of me, and again, I found solace.

This is an exciting and liberating endeavor that is altering the way I’ve defined myself. I can’t wait to see what this journey has in store for me. I now realize that expressing myself and releasing inner thoughts, passions, and the full range of emotions I experience on a second by second basis has become a part of me, and perhaps my previous definitions of myself: mother, woman, wife, daughter, friend, will now also include ARTIST


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